Pre-recorded Shows

Putting it together.

Working with your input, we pull from our library of videos about life and work to create a short show you can play at your virtual or live event. We change the opening and closing voice overs, tailoring them to your event so the entire "show" feels like it was created for you. Each show can be up to 20 minutes long. AND, if it better meets your goal, these can be broken up to play as pop ups throughout your session or event. Here are 2 samples...

This video was played onscreen to kick off a live meeting.

This video launched a virtual conference.

Here's our library of the image to play!


I Gotta Get Out Of This Place!

Zoom Me!

Symposium Rhapsody



Know It All

Open Office

I Want It Back


Working In The Meeting


Guy From Indecision

The Loiterer