Here are some additional, slightly longer performance clips to give you a feel for JUST THE HITS!



Flying in Economy

I Want It Back

A song for anyone who's every desperately Googled, "retrieve sent email."

Networking Event



We Can Do Anything You Want (But We Won't Do That)

A hilarious look at passive-aggressive change resistance set to Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”.

Working In The Meeting

A tribute to that place where we all go to catch up on all our work.

Game Show 

A fast-pace, fun, audience participatory look at team-building in the guise of a musical game show. The game show questions are customized and the client chooses the participants.  We EXCEL at creating an experience where the participants look like rock stars and the audience has a ball.  NOTE: this clip is from a virtual show.

The Loiterer

Our tribute to that guy who struggles with subtle hints.  Like "get out."


Blackberry (or iPhone or Android)

Remember when being away from the office meant being out of reach?  Yeah, me neither.

(Note: We don't have live performance footage, but this is incredibly popular in the live show. Here's a video we created for social media.)

Loud Talker

Something for that colleague who has never grasped the concept of an "indoor voice."


Et tu Brute?  This is a green screen video we created for social media -- I don't have performance footage on this one either.  Audiences LOVE it.


An amazing act for anyone that wants to bring fun, excitement, and belly aching laughter to their corporate event.  We've used them a few times as the entertainment for our annual sales awards and they are worth every penny...a belly busting performance!   

Scott Kaplan
Director of Sales Operations, Thomson Reuters

Two words: TOTAL SUCCESS! Your team was a gas and I truly thank you and them for all the hard work, professional delivery, and just plain "niceness" that you all showed during the the songs continued, the laughter increased! And the finale...SPECTACULAR!!!  

Kristen Hanousek
Senior Director,
Meetings & Events,

The Water Coolers did an outstanding job. The material, the energy and the enthusiasm of the troupe was one of the highlights of our Global Leadership Conference. It is often difficult when you have an international group, however the content and the way it was delivered struck a universal cord.

Coretha Rushing
Chief People Officer, Equifax