"Getting To Great Performance"

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keynote you'll ever see.

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A Great Keynote Engages AND Educates...


If an audience is checking their cell phones, they're not getting the content no matter how useful it is.  The trick is to deliver valuable content in a way that keeps an audience leaning in -- that's why this keynote has such great impact.  Or as sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer says, "The end of laughter is followed by the height of listening."


Audiences are looking for information that will help them perform better and do more. That's what our session was written to deliver.  It's accessible, makes sense, and because it's delivered with music, it sticks in their minds helping them to really make of use the content when they get back to "real life."


Events days are PACKED with sessions and information.  Sometimes you can just feel the room slowing down.  But the information you're there to share is important -- really important.  How do you keep people connected?  This session is like flipping a switch to energize your event.


Some people are delivering death by PowerPoint and others are entertaining, but really don't deliver any content.  In the end, it's about balance.  The Water Coolers deliver a truly funny keynote that drops in nuggets of useful content while we've got them focused on us.

The Key Takeaways

4 Content Points are critical to Great Performance in any job or part of life.

Customer expectations are changing every day, and you need to innovate to meet them. And practically speaking, sales involves rejection -- and that means overcoming the fear of putting yourself on the line. We'll show you how we do it.


Distraction is everywhere in our hyper-connected world, but we need to focus on what matters to achieve excellence. Come behind the scenes with these seasoned NYC pros to learn how they get in the zone and stay there.

True Collaboration

As professional performers, we rely completely on our other cast members and crew for success -- we're out there on the line together. In our world, it begins with real listening and commitment to each other's success.

Pushing Through

There comes a moment for all of us when we have to step out on that stage and deliver. The cast tells how they feel in that moment and how they push through the fear to step into the lights.

Here are a few slightly longer performance clips to give you a sense of the material included in our Keynote.

I Want It Back

A song for anyone who's every desperately Googled, "retrieve sent email."


Blackberry (or iPhone or Android)

Remember when being away from the office meant being out of reach?  Yeah, me neither.

(Note: We don't have live performance footage, but this is incredibly popular in the live show. Here's a video we created for virtual settings.)

We Can Do Anything You Want (But We Won't Do That)

A hilarious look at passive-aggressive change resistance set to Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”.

Game Show

A fast-paced interactive Game Show parody...you choose 2 contestants (who agree in advance, so no one is surprised), provide us with simple questions about your company, and we show them a GREAT time on stage. When the whole thing is over, they return to the audience looking like heroes, and the audience has had a ball.

(Here too, we only have footage from a virtual performance.)

Material Especially for the Sales Audience

Plus, when we deliver our Keynote for sales professionals, we can integrate material we've created especially for sales professionals. Here are a few samples. 
In some cases, the video was created for a virtual show, but we do all of these songs live.

A medley of songs about a life in sales...

Does anyone love a networking event?

An ode to quotas.

About the Creators


What do you get when a comedy writer and a management consultant get married?  As it turns out, you get a comedy act about work that's gotten standing ovations around the world for over 20 years.  Since 2001, we've been putting together great writing and performing talent to create and deliver something honest and uncommonly funny.  Every day we learn something new and every day, we laugh.  Most importantly, though, it's working for our clients. 

Your audience is busy and we take the value of their time very seriously -- both as individuals and a group -- so when we set out to write a keynote, we wanted to make sure the 4 key takeaways were practical, useful, and really resonated.  To be clear, it's definitely a comedy session -- but the content nuggets are real.

“We set out to make people laugh really hard, open their minds up through that relaxed feeling that comes with laughing, and then give them a few practical things they can use to make life and work better.”

About the Cast


Each cast is pulled from a pool of NYC pros with resumes including top comedy clubs like Igby's, the Improv, the Comic Strip, and the Icehouse as well Broadway's hippest and hottest shows, including KPop! The Musical, Gloria Estefan's "On Your Feet," “Wicked,” “Rock of Ages,” “Jersey Boys,” “Dear Evan Hansen,” “Tina! The Tina Turner Musical,” Carole King's “Beautiful,” “Chicago,” “Grease,” “Ragtime,” “Hair”, “Pippin”, “In The Heights,” and "The Boy from Oz," with Hugh Jackman.

Here's What You’ll Get

Time invested up front.  We have a pre-production phone call to learn about your event, key messages, and your audience.  Then we drop in language that links our material to the challenges that sales managers face and to your key themes for the meeting.

A customized closing number -- our Keynote fee currently includes a customized closing song that speaks to your audience's world, written about your audience, the challenges they face, and  how they overcome those challenges.

The coolest keynote ever. Four performers (3 onstage and one musical director) take the stage to provide the most engaging, uniquely delivered keynote you'll ever see.

What People Are Saying...

Scot and the other cast BLEW THE ROOF OFF!!!  

“They were Fabulous!  Even though we knew the Water Coolers would be a hit, it far exceeded our expectations. Our audience kept heaping praise throughout the entire three days.

Let me know if I can write a review or anything.  Would be glad to do so.  I'll certainly recommend the WCs to my colleagues for future events."

Marnie Herren //  eVent Power, Director, Speaker Services

Brought the house down!

“The Water Coolers absolutely knocked it out of the park!  The cast did an OUTSTANDING job and delighted our audience of over 2,000 attendees from 104 countries.  The material was relevant and relatable to everyone...the final result was SPECTACULAR!”

Trish Pollock  //  Toastmasters International, Meeting & Travel Manager

I want you to know how absolutely blown away everyone in the room was by Courtney, Scot and Paul!!!

“They were AMAZING! They’re all so talented, and we feel like we hit the lottery having them at our meeting. The crowd was mesmerized—no one in the room knew what to expect when they came out on stage, but they wowed the socks off everyone with their voices, choreography, poise, creativeness, professionalism—they nailed the keynote, the melodies and the finale. We will remember this performance for a long time to come!

 I have no doubt that this will be #1 highlight of this event! Thank you, thank you, thank you”

I have no doubt that this will be #1 highlight of this event!...Just incredible!"

Karen Rice //  Lincoln Financial Group, AVP, Distribution Training

My audience has seen it all, but I still need to wow them.

“The Water Coolers delivered a phenomenal session. Wow! I think the standing ovation says it all. I would recommend The Water Coolers to any organization. Attendees will be talking about it for a long time. Our only challenge -- how do we top it next year?”

Anne Blouin  //  American Society of Association Executives, Chief Learning Officer

Wanted to launch our event in an exciting way...

“The Water Coolers do their homework and create something timely, unique and dead on accurate to your audience. Their presentation was an energetic and hilarious kick off to our conference. I am still laughing. As a bonus, they are delightful to work with.”

Karen Kotowski //  Events Industry Council, CEO

Your investment for this show would be $18,000 plus travel and tech expenses. This is a $2,000 price reduction.

Our travel expenses are handled with a flat $2,000 buyout plus 4 hotel rooms. (Note: the travel buyout is usually $3,100, but Alison asked us to revisit the package in light of your destination, and we have lowered it to $2,000.)


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long does the session last?

We can do anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes -- you tell us how long you'd like it to be and we will deliver a session that length.

How is the Keynote different from your entertainment shows?

The Keynote including a lot of the same material, but we add the content component -- the pieces above about how we overcome the obstacles to great performance in our world. And as performers working in the most competitive live entertainment market in the country -- possibly the world -- we've learned a lot about overcoming challenges.

How many people travel?

4 people travel -- we can give you a flat travel buyout that covers everything except hotel rooms.  Then you just need to provide hotel rooms for any night we need to be onsite.

How much notice do you need to create the custom song?

We've done it in 2 weeks! But ideally it's more like 6-8 weeks.

Why should I choose you?

In the end, it depends on what you need.  If you're looking for big substance, macro trends, or cutting edge research in the slot you want to fill, we're not a good choice.  But if your session needs something super engaging that delivers content gems of practical value while energizing the room and focusing the audience, then you can't do better than this keynote. 

One last thing...

We get that you're not just investing money, but also time in our performance -- the time of every person in the audience.  That's a precious asset for any organization and we take the responsibility to deliver something great very seriously.  A little ironic for a comedy act, I know.

We'd love to work together. Let's make it happen!