Event industry audiences are hard to impress.

Still, we've brought them to their feet over 35 times. 

We Use a 3-Part Formula to Nail It Every Time...

  1. 1
    Material from our award-winning singing comedy act about life and work.

    We bring together top NYC performing talent with professional writers from both the entertainment and business worlds to create a current, relevant, uncommonly funny and extremely high end show that had one reviewer "laughing so hard my face hurt."
  2. 2
    Custom comedy written just for event professionals.

    Many aspects of our work lives are universal, but some a specific to event pros -- whether it's clinging to our binders in the digital age or getting thrown into virtual meetings like a figure skater into an ice hockey game, we've got material that will speak directly to them in their language.
  3. 3
    A strategically placed (and hilarious) nod to our sponsor.

    As sales legend Jeffrey Gitomer once observed, "The end of laughter is followed by the height of listening." So, when we've got the audience fully engaged -- at just the right moment -- we can add a special comic tribute to whoever sponsors our performance. It's an over-the-top moment for sponsors.


Award-winning singing comedy.


Custom songs for event pros.


A well-timed nod to our sponsor.

Customer stories

Anne Blouin - CLO, American Society of Association Executives

“The Water Coolers delivered a phenomenal session. Wow! I think the standing ovation says it all. I would recommend The Water Coolers to any organization. Attendees will be talking about it for a long time. Our only challenge -- how do we top it next year?”

Jordan Clark - VP of Sales, Caesars Corporation

"I want you to know that your show is simply hilarious, the singing voices are amazing, and the people production side of your team are top notch professionals; start to finish working with The Water Coolers is ridiculously great.  I know that when I have an important event, I can count on you to knock the cover off the ball and that’s an amazing feeling."

Karen Kotowski - CEO of Events Industry Council

“The Water Coolers do their homework and create something timely, unique and dead on accurate to your audience. Their presentation was an energetic and hilarious kick off to our conference. I am still laughing. As a bonus, they are delightful to work with.”

Here are a few ways our industry partners have used us...

Mainstage Comedy

When you simply want your audience to laugh really hard and have a great time...

We deliver universally relatable and uncommonly funny singing comedy about having a job, hand-picking a set list from our constantly updated, award-winning repertoire. Top NYC talent take the stage at your event to send up the relentless and sometimes ridiculous gauntlet we call a work life, making audiences "laugh so hard their cheeks hurt."

Industry Audiences: Meeting Professional International's World Education Congress, Financial & Insurance Conference Planner's Annual Conference, SPINCon, and ASEA's Great Ideas


Using the most time-tested techniques and hooks that we've developed, honed and performed over the past 15 years, we grab your audience's attention with a mixture of belly laughs and song, highlighting the ironic and familiar hurdles that we all face, trying to deliver great performances in the modern world of work.

With the audience's respect and attention in hand, we transition to deliver proven strategies (sometimes from our own experiences in the hyper-competitive NYC entertainment industry). 

Industry Audiences: ASAE's Great Ideas, Events Industry Council's CMP Conclave, Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors

Awards Shows

Awards shows should leave the winners feeling sky high, but unfortunately the actual business of giving awards can drag the pace to a crawl and leave participants wanting to stick a fork in their eyes. Ever been to one of those? 

That's why we put together our awards show packages that, depending on your needs, can combine our award-winning comedy about work with customized tributes and MC work to create a truly amazing event.

Because receiving an honor should feel like a good thing.

Industry Audiences: ASAE's Annual (3 times), Smart Women in Meetings, International Association of Exhibitions and Events, and the Events Industry Council Hall of Leaders at IMEX, have all tapped us to create uncommonly cool tributes to top winners.

Here are some slightly longer performance clips to give a feel for our core act...

I Want It Back

A song for anyone who's every desperately Googled, "retrieve sent email."

We Can Do Anything You Want (But We Won't Do That)

A hilarious look at passive-aggressive change resistance set to Meatloaf’s “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”.

Working In The Meeting

Whether in person or online...one thing that's always true about meetings.

Flying In Economy 

The Water Cooler's sending up the joys of modern air travel.


For anyone who has ever waited in an airport for an update on their flight.

The Loiterer

Our tribute to that guy who struggles with subtle hints.  Like "get out."

Networking Event
Some people LOVE a good networking event. Others...not so much.

Blackberry (or iPhone or Android)
Remember when being away from the office meant being out of reach?  Yeah, me neither.

(Note: we switch in the name of the smart phone most prevalent in our client's audience.  I only have video of the Blackberry version, but we  typically do iPhone now.)

Let's do something great together.

We're practical people and we know that there is business value for us when we appear in front of the right industry audiences. We have a specific budget allocated to subsidize industry appearances, and we're looking at the coming 12 months right now. We'd love to discuss the possibilities!