The hype videos we did in 2020...

This would be fairly easy to recreate...the one on the left is extremely simple and could be done pretty quickly. For the other, I'd need to wait until I have a team together in NYC, but no problem to do.  I believe they were sent out in 2020, so you may or may not want to choose a different song for the one on the left.

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Options to consider for the opening

As we discussed, we can use a song or two to build a short video opening and tailor some of the spoken language and branding to your event. Here is some info and a couple of examples where we did something similar (in some cases for virtual events).


Here's how we put the videos together for a short kickoff "show"...this was used at a hybrid event, so it was shown in the room for a live audience and apparently went over extremely well in the room. It's longer than what you would want and because of her timeline, we couldn't do too much tailoring on the in and the out -- I've included more samples below to illustrate that part of the concept. I still thought this was useful to give you a sense of how these can be stiched together to create the feel of a performance.
Here are a few samples with branding and event-specific messages at the beginning and the end...

A song about much more "productive" meetings at the office were. (Also shows how we can set up the first video.)

Something for anyone who's ever desperately Googled "retrieve sent email"

Our tribute to the smartest person in the room

Here are a few more songs, although we have about 16 of these videos to work with. Note that we'd be pulling from this same library for the hype videos.

Proposing a strategy for processing the stress...

About the challenges of the suddenly everywhere Zoom call

A tribute to the joys of working at home