The Water Coolers: Virtual Entertainment For Your Corporate Event

The word on the street is that you've got a virtual event coming up.

Sometimes events presented onscreen present a bit of an engagement problem...

What you need is an engagement solution.



I thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment from The Water Coolers. The truth in all the songs was spot on...LOL! Using tunes familiar to all was so fun to hear. Using topics affiliated with our travel/meeting industry made it even better. Loved every moment of the 15-minute break. It was AMAZING!

Kelly Sheather 
The Kahala Hotel & Resort

The videos you made for us were a huge hit! Our attendees loved them, the chatroom went crazy when the videos were playing. They got even more excited for the next session break to see the next video. A lot of people were able to relate and definitely brought a lot of smiles and laughter to their day!

Jerome Bruce
Association of Government Accountants

Keep doing what you are doing, whether live or virtual. By now most of us know what to expect when we hear your name and quite frankly, you are just great at what you do.  Your process looked seamless in moving over to virtual with the same live impact!  

Mozelle Goodwin, CMP, HMCC
Goodwin Consulting


A few songs from our act about the world we're living and working in...

Proposing a strategy for processing the stress...

About the challenges of the suddenly everywhere Zoom call

A tribute to the joys of working at home

A few songs from our act for people who are starting to miss the office...

A song about new office concepts

An ode to a special co-worker

For anyone who's ever desperately Googled "retrieve sent email"

A few illustrations from different virtual offerings about how it all comes together...

Pre-recorded tailored intro and outro for a song before a break

Live intro

Customized song created for professional event planners (sometimes other clients even request this one)

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