Follow up for Faegre Drinker

Based on your budget, it makes sense to focus on the second option you suggested:

  • A custom video for the audience / event, and 
  • Several videos pulled from our library of videos with tailored intros and outros to integrate them into the event.

Our fee for that configuration of custom work and videos is $16K, but we are solution-oriented by nature and wanted to find a way to make this work for both of us, so we came up with this strategy. If we can approach the work in a specific way within a specific timeframe, we can deliver the above videos for $12K. Here are the parameters that enable us to do that:

  1. Move forward quickly so we can complete these videos by mid-July, 
  2. Keep the editing style on the customized video relatively simple,
  3. Stay with the base level casting for custom videos (1 performer plus images). 

Here are some specific samples for you, so you know what we're talking about. Some of these may have been on the page we sent earlier; if we included them again here, we felt it would be useful to have them close at hand.

Custom Videos Samples

This is from an internal leadership meeting, and it's filled with internal references. It's a good example of the editing style we can deliver for your price point. With well selected images, this approach can be extremely successful. This is one actor, although an executive from the company happened to be a pretty good singer so they asked us to integrate him into the song.

This is another example of that same editing style we can deliver. This was created for a virtual leadership meeting that brought together a number of teams that were new to the parent organization. Again, it's just loaded with internal references, so you will not see the humor, but they LOVED it. Note that they happened to add an extra performer to the package.

With this video, the client had a very specific production value in mind, and they paid a premium for it. We couldn't deliver this level of editing and motion graphics for the $12K fee, but it seemed worth including because it was a customer event for them -- as I understand this event will be for you -- and it was written to set up a one-day event, so I thought you'd find it interesting -- here again, it's one actor with images.

Editing our stock videos with intros and outros.

Here's how our videos look when we add branding and some language about your event.

A song about much more "productive" meetings at the office were. (Also shows how we can set up the first video.)

Something for anyone who's ever desperately Googled "retrieve sent email"

Our tribute to the smartest person in the room

And you can choose from a number of songs...

Proposing a strategy for processing the stress...

About the challenges of the suddenly everywhere Zoom call

A tribute to the joys of working at home...with everyone else in your family.

A song about new office concepts

An ode to a special co-worker

Some leaders rise to the moment with bold, clear decisions. Some don't.

Remember when being away from the office meant being out of reach?  Yeah, me neither.

Et tu Brute?  For that colleague who always has your back, hopefully not within arms reach.

Networking Event -- to the tune of the Greatest Showman.