How The Water Coolers Create a Customized Video

step 1

You Define The Target

We start with a quick call with our main contact to learn about the goal. Based on what we hear, we create a questionnaire that serves as the guide for a conversation (you can complete it if you want, but do not need to).

step 2

We Learn All About You

We will “meet” with your team to learn about your audience, their challenges, the wins, your culture and brand identity; everything we need to know to ensure the material is hilarious, impactful, and appropriate.

step 3

A Little Back And Forth

We then review the material, fill gaps, and seek clarification.

step 4

We Draft - You Review

We send you a lyric sheet and a rough demo recording for each song to give you a clear sense of what we’re planning to perform or film and ensure we’ve used industry- or company-specific terms, acronyms, etc. correctly. It’s critical that we’re in sync at this point, because we can't refilm after shooting, so we need to be certain the material is on point.

step 5

Finalize and Produce the Song's Performance

Make any final revisions to the song and move into the arrangements, shot list creation, audio and filming.

step 6

Simultaneously, We Gather Media

While our creative team moves forward with the performance aspect of the video, our director will identify the types of other media we will need to achieve the goal (typically, images, logos, and sometimes other video). Many times the client will need to provide some of the media. The final lyrics really determine what we'll need. For example, lyrics designed to excite and unite your team will be enhanced by team images. We typically will also need specs for the event's graphical look and feel, as well as the client's logo so that we can brand the video and align it with the event.

step 7

We Edit, You Give Feedback, and It's a Wrap!

We put the pieces together with your goal in mind -- it's like a goal-focused, creative game of Jenga. You review it and provide feedback on the images and background choices (as noted above, we cannot refilm so the main focus of this review is on media and the total package). There is only one round of changes included in the contract, so it's important to get feedback from everyone at once. Then we implement the changes and send the final video to you!