More From Our Customers

Cynthia Dinnin

EA, Adobe

LOVED the performance! The Water Coolers did a great job, made our people laugh and they brought up the energy level…always needed at a conference.

Denise Dahart 

event creative, Adobe event

Your team rocked it…Afterwards I was approached by MANY with compliments and kudos for having your team. It was great. Thanks for everything. You and your team were an absolute pleasure to work with.

Scott Graf

Global President, BCD M&I

The performance this morning was outstanding, and I can’t thank you enough for connecting so well with our audience.

Michelle Jones

AVP Marketing, National Life Group

You made me look like a hero. With the number of compliments I've received, I could go back home right now and be happy. We try to top ourselves each year, and I really don't know how I will top this next year.

Karen Inman

Sales Operations, Harland Clarke

I am so thrilled with how our awards show went…So many people told me after the show that your performers nailed it, everything was spot on, and the customized song was perfect. I think people were surprised at all the inside knowledge that song had.  Our whole Impact Summit was very successful, but the entertainment on the last evening was the perfect way to end our week.

Scot Kaplan 

Director of Sales Operations, Thomson Reuters Elite

The Water Coolers is an amazing act for anyone that wants to bring fun, excitement, and belly aching laughter to their corporate event. They sing, dance, and they’re awesome comics! We have used them a few times as the entertainment for our annual sales awards and they are worth every penny. In addition to their award show material, they create many custom songs that give the night energy, excitement and a unique flare...a belly busting performance!  I cannot wait to work with them again!

Carol Matthai

event planner, Monumental Life Insurance

We want to thank you for your MAJOR contribution to our Awards Banquet! Our CFO rated us a 10 out of 10! Our President said it was our All-time Best! Awards show.

Stewart Lander

Sr. VP, Genworth Financial

As the owner of the awards night, my commitment to everyone at our National Sales meeting was to be recognized for a great job during the year, have more fun than at any other awards night they’ve ever attended, and be proud of working for Genworth Financial. Mission accomplished! Everyone is still talking about how incredible your performance was!”

Delene Losch

sales project manager, Burkhart Dental Supply

We had an amazing experience with The Water Coolers. From start to finish the professionalism far surpassed our expectations. The greatest compliment from our attendees was “The best Annual Meeting we’ve had thus far”, and we’ve been in business for 123 years!

Tracey Adams

Project Manager, BCD M&I

It was a pleasure working with you leading up to today’s fabulous entertainment. Everything hit the mark perfectly and you could tell it was very well-received by our group!

Heather Matusiak

Meeting manager, Pacific Life

Thank you very much for all of the hard work, creative writing, and exceptional talent that went into producing The Water Coolers show for Pacific Life Annual Recruiting and Marketing Meeting. It was a fantastic show that proved to be a tremendous success for us…Thank you for making us look so good to our attendees and for creating a truly memorable evening. Heather Matusiak,

Patti Farrell

Director, rewards & recognition,PRUDENTIAL

We wanted to thank you and your team for a successful event …the buzz from my executive team and the agents I spoke to was extremely positive - You rocked it.