The Water Coolers Customization Process

step 1

You Define The Target

We start with a quick call with our main contact to learn about the organization's goal and discuss who would be the best resources for a slightly larger call. Based on what we hear, we create a questionnaire that serves as the guide for a conversation (you can complete it if you want, but do not need to).

step 2

We Learn All About You

We “meet” with the team defined in Step 1, and they educate us about your audience, their specific challenges, frustrations, the wins, their language; everything we need to know to ensure the material is hilarious, impactful, and appropriate. We record this Zoom call.

step 3

A Little Back And Forth

We then review the material you've provided, and seek clarification if we need it.

step 4

We Draft - You Review

We send you a lyric sheet and a rough demo recording for each song to give you a clear sense of what we’re planning to perform, that it truly hits the mark.

step 5

Revise and Produce

Make any final revisions and move into the arrangements, staging, rehearsals, etc. and prepare a top-notch, hilarious, fun segment for your event.