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Trisha Pollock 

Meeting Planner, Toastmasters International

I would like to send you each a big HIGH FIVE!... The Water Coolers absolutely knocked it out of the park! The cast did an OUTSTANDING job and delighted our audience of over 2,000 attendees from 104 different countries. The material was relevant and relatable to everyone…The final result was SPECTACULAR! My boss texted me during the show and said, Good call Trisha – they’re fantastic!

Jeffery Shields

President & CEO, National Business Officers Association

The Water Coolers made the Awards program one of the most memorable aspects of the meeting! The team you sent was professional, talented and delivered the goods! I thought the entire process was great from start to finish. I most appreciated the opportunity to tweak the lyrics to make sure everything resonated with our membership, and it did! Well done! 

Cheryl Marcell 

Director of CommunicatioNs and Events, ACI World

I have been an event and meeting planner for years and booked lots of entertainment, and I can honestly say that your troupe was one of the best I have ever seen!

Linda Selden

Executive Director, Long Island SHRM

Everyone loved the performance and said this was one of the best conferences in years.

Becky Bunte

CFO/Dir of Professional Development, Texas Assn. of School Business Officials

It was awesome! We have heard all positive….and the crew was great to work with. Our Board loved it! 

Lauren Kinard

Communication Manager, Flexible Packaging Association

THE WATER COOLERS WERE A HIT! They received a standing ovation! Their performance was awesome and EVERYONE loved them….the best awards show ever.

Brenda Orffer

Events Designer, Washington Health Care Association

We really enjoyed The Water Coolers. Our attendees were very happy with the opening keynote, and many of them said that performance was the best keynote we’ve had…ever!

Judy Gray

President/CEO Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce

We’re still getting rave reviews from the 600 business leaders who attended our event…you made our team look great and me by association; we appreciate that. 

Bryan Jernigan

Communications Director, National Association of Federally Impacted Schools

I can tell you that after getting hit over the head with bleak education funding news for three days, we were ready for some levity and The Water Coolers did more than that. They took our collective breath away!

Mary Olsen

Senior Director, Meeting Services, Grocery Manufacturers Association

You simply can't go wrong with THE WATER COOLERS! From their opening number to the closing customized song, they were a smashing success. The laughter from the audience was nonstop from start to finish and was the talk of the conference the next day.

Tony Keane

CAE, President & CEO, International Facility Management Association

The Water Coolers hosted two award shows at our conference. I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from our attendees, calling both shows the best ever. The custom songs they wrote and performed for us were fantastic! The songs made our top award winners feel extra special and had the audience in hysterics. I recommend the Water Coolers for any event, especially if you want to start with a bang or end on a high note. 

Tonya Farmer

Texas Credit Union League

You guys were amazing, and you were so on top of things here on sight and easy to work with. This was the first time in my 7 years at the league, that we were able to keep at least 150 people in the room for the awards ceremony, much less the actual 500 we actually had in the room last night! Your delivery was exactly what we needed to give our awards program a shot in the arm of adrenaline and create a performance that the entire audience would enjoy - even if they didn't know the winners! 

Rene Street

Executive Director, American Business Women’s Association

We are enjoying rave reviews from enthusiastic and engaged attendees… I don’t know HOW you create such topical and timely material that speaks to the heart of the ABWA member experience, but I’m grateful that you do! 

Vicki Vandruff

California Association of Community Managers

Thanks for another great show! …a few comments from our attendees: The Water Coolers were awesome, Best Awards presentation I have seen…The Water Coolers are fabulous!, Water Coolers made awards entertaining - not an easy task! On top of all this, you are all so easy to work with…Thanks again for everything!

Ronnie Rosen 

CACM Vision Award winner

Wow! I was so amazed by the humor and fabulous musical talent of your group at the CACM Vision Awards last week! Is there a possibility of a DVD of the award ceremony? I would love to relive it with my family, who are quite frankly growing tired of my attempt to describe the indescribable..

Carol Krugman

CMP, CMM, George P. Johnson

For meeting managers, it is all about education, communication, connecting with people and connecting people to each other. You accomplished this with ease and professionalism…Your ability to make us laugh with each other and at our collective condition created an instant sense of community that lasted throughout the conference.

Laura Grumley

Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce

We hit the jackpot with The Water Coolers who exceeded our needs and expectations. The performance was excellent, and the sketches were creative, relevant and audience appropriate. Our audience erupted with laughter about every 10 seconds.

Maureen Coleman

Meetings Manager, Association of Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors

Thanks again for everything! I didn’t think we were going to top last year’s entertainment because it really WOW’d the crowd, and the Water Coolers certainly did! It definitely hit home and got people inspired and feeling great about what they do!

Dar Saucedo

Events Coordinator, United Drug

WOW! Yes WOW you did a great job recognizing and expressing the words of independent pharmacy. The performance brought you the standing ovation that was much deserved. The cast was truly amazing.