Let's get specific.  Clients tend to use us in 6 ways to support their event goals...

Mainstage Entertainment

When you simply want your audience to laugh really hard and have a great time...

Fully Customized

​If you have specific messages that you have GOT to get across to your audience -- about your brand, your plan, your future -- call the police because The Water Coolers will kill it.

Keynote: Getting To Great Performance

For content to land, they have to really take it in and as sales legend Jeffrey Gitomer says, "The end of laughter is followed by the height of listening." 

Awards Show & Recognition Program

Awards shows should leave the winners feeling sky high, but unfortunately  the actual business of giving awards can drag the pace to a crawl and leave participants wanting to stick a fork in their eyes.  Ever been to one of those?

Comedy About Sales

Sales meetings have one purpose: motivating future performance.  One powerful way to achieve that is to show your team that you really get what they go through every day on the way to hitting the targets you set.

General Session Launch

How do you get your participants focused and ready to go when they might have hit the lobby bar after last night's reception?

I'd love to hear about your goals and what we can do to accomplish them.  Click here to set something up!  

Sally Allen, Co-Creator